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Web 2.0 Advertising
 Web 2.0 and the End of Advertising

The idea that software on the Web is going to be largely funded by advertising is just so wrong-headed, I hardly know where to start. It had me spluttering in the latest Woman chasing dollar signBriefingsDirect Insights analyst podcastadvertising’s epitaph way back in March 2006: “Why build an economy around Attention, when Intention is where the money comes from? hosted by Dana Gardner — more on that in a moment. Let’s move on from 1.0 notions of the Web as just a publishing medium, with ads on the side. Doc Searls already pronounced what I consider to be ”

 Instead of competing to grab attention, the way to sell on the Web is to align your selling proposition with buying intention. The Web makes that easy, because it’s a platform for software automation. So use software to build automation that brings buyers and sellers together on the Web. Not just as a broker that matches deals with no added value, but by putting relevant sellers conveniently at hand at the moment when a buyer is ready to buy, making the discovery and transaction process a smoother, better, cheaper experience for all concerned. I’ll expand below on some examples of how that might happen, but here’s how I summed it up in the podcast (quoting from the transcript): 

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