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G Bands

G Bands  Health benefits of negative ions    $10.00 Off Life-giving oxygen molecules are negatively ionized People surrounded by negative ions show a pattern of brainwaves that suggest increased alertness and relaxation Negative Ions relax persons in severe pain. Negative ions could destroy and extract from the air certain types of bacteria that cause cold, influenza, and respiratory infections High concentration of negative ions make air refreshing to breath in. (Such high concentration can be found in the mountains, near waterfalls and seashores.)    When you  Buy Two  Wembley, Alberta    780-228-6994  expiry - Dec 31, 2012

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Expiry Date31 December 2012

GlassNails - $10.00 off

GlassNails - $10.00 off s Nails as a Health Indicator   $10.00 off   Nails serve as a health indicator. Many diseases and conditions manifest themselves on the nails and if you know how to read these signs, you could be warned in advance about an internal disease you were unaware of. Different diseases appear in different ways on the nails. Most often they leave marks on the nail bed (i.e. the largest part of the nail that we often identify the nail with) or the skin around the nail. Aside from nail diseases like infections, ingrown nails, or separation and falling of the nail from the nail bed, nails get damaged by general body diseases and conditions. read more, vist website   Buy two Glass Nail File & Buffer Sets get $10.00 off ...

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Expiry Date31 July 2011

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