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Hockey Goalie Getting Noticed

Hockey Goalie Getting Noticed  Hockey Goalie Getting Noticed Question I am a goalie 17 years old. nova scotia Canada. I'm playing midget AA right now.. ( i got invited to major midget tryouts last year but i was injured couldn't go also i was named starting goalie of my high school team but two people bailed and we didn't have a team.. and at midget AAA tryouts I was first cut even though i only got scored on once in the inter squad game and they got scored on 3 times. They were also the same goalies i beat out in high school try outs. ) Right now i have played 7 games and have got 5 shutouts. I trained with Joe Johnson of 1 to 1 goaltending and I've trained with Pat Dallaire (former Q goalie coach). Also all the goalies i was grouped with over the summer are playing major midget the QMJHL or AAA. so this is my last year and i don't know where the best place is to go next. Or get noticed. My goal is to play at the next level and try to go pro. I Spend at least 3-5 hours a day just thinki ...

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Expiry Date01 January 2011

Hockey Goalie Warmup

Hockey Goalie Warmup  Hockey Goalie Warmup Warmup is Not... blocking practice shooting practice poaching your goalie impressing your goalie with how hard you can shoot Warmup is... loosening up the muscles and joints connecting & exercising the control circuits reviewing the movements starts out slowly & cool; gets faster & hotter Warmup Philosophy He's your goalie; it's up to you to help him get into his groove for the game. Goals you score on him during the warm-up do not count. If you want to practice, you should practice on a warmed-up goalie. Specific Pointers Make sure the referee has finished checking the net! Nothing pisses off a referee like shooting pucks at him before the game. And nothing pissed off your goalie like having to apologize for you shooting on the ref.) Line up in an arc centered on the goalie. Take turns shooting. Only one person should shoot at a time. During the game, there ...

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Expiry Date01 January 2012
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