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*To be eligible for the Free Tablet, $650.00 value, you must also take out a service plan.

Expiry Date
01 January 2012


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100 Mile Mall Mobile App allows our members to browse and download their important and favorite coupons.  The Coupon and Specials section has been set up in a tree-fashiondirectory, making it easy for members to find coupons and specials intheir local area. 

samsung_tablet.jpgOnce upon a time, it was cost prohibitive for a small business to compete with coupon promotions.  The price of art work, set up fees, print costs and distribution has kept effective coupon programs, limited to only larger multi-unit outlets.

Today, it is only an old-timed fable!  Any business can produce and distribute their coupons and specials at a fraction of the cost they incurred in the past. Thanks to 100 Mile Mall!

Our Coupon and Specials sections is an "easy to find" directory that lists all Commercial members listings. These state-of-the-art coupons feature an attached page (which you are reading now) with product information, recipes, instructions and such. 

These coupons can be redeemed locally, by which ever method the merchant chooses, including printing, as we have put a lot of effort into making our coupons print out in a professional style.

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100 Mile Mall Tablet  Bonus

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