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  • Three bison still unaccounted for after herd escapes in Hythe area
    Three bison still remain unaccounted for after a herd of 15 broke out of a trailer parked at a gas station in Hythe on Tuesday evening. Beaverlodge RCMP say the bison are now believed to have roamed into the Valhalla area about 25 kilometres north of Beaverlodge. No traffic related incidents have been reported involving the […]

  • Letter: Prime minister a cherry picker?
    Now I’m just a regular Albertan, but one thing that I have learned through my years as a hockey mom is that people don’t like a cherry picker. It’s just not cool, taking advantage of plays that only benefit you. This instantly draws attention to the player as a weak, self-seeker that really doesn’t know […]

  • Q&A with Michele McCrea
    I live in Grande Prairie with my husband and two kids. My story is not one that starts with “ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being an inventor.” I am actually very happy being me; a wife and mom, working at a full time job that I enjoy. But here’s what […]

  • Dino News and Views: 'Reaper of death' rears its head
    No dinosaur captures the public’s imagination quite like tyrannosaurs. T. rex and its cousins have a long history in the public eye. So, when a new tyrannosaur is discovered, particularly the oldest ever found in Canada, it’s going to make a media splash. The dinosaur is called Thanatotheristes (tha-NA-to-theh-RISS-teez), meaning the “reaper of death” (alluding […]

  • GPPL column: Black History Month at public library
    February is Black History Month in Canada. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians and those with African ancestry. We not only celebrate their achievements, but also, recognize how they have overcome racism, adversity and contributed to Canada’s cultural diversity and economic success. This year the theme is Canadians of African […]

  • Tim Hortons Volunteers of the Week
    Nominations are now open for the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards presented by ATCO Nominate an outstanding youth volunteer, between the ages of 13-18, living in our community for the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards. This year’s awards will recognize youths in four categories: leadership, volunteering, advocacy and perseverance.  For nomination forms and criteria, visit For […]

  • Faith column: Are we serving with our best?
    Our region is known for its generosity, whether philanthropic giving or giving of our time. In fact, Grande Prairie is known as the City of Volunteers. Our community often leads other provincial areas for donating in times of calamity; remember how quickly help was mobilized for those impacted by the Fort McMurray fires? We can […]

  • Valleyview RCMP asking for public assistance with identifying shoplifting suspect
    Valleyview RCMP is requesting public assistance in identifying a suspect of shoplifting who stole a $300 hammer on Feb. 13. At around 5:20 p.m., an unknown male entered Valleyview Building Supply and stole the hammer before taking off on foot. His whereabouts are unknown. The suspect is described as Caucasian with short black hair, and […]

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