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Who is Ackenberry Trout Farms?


Ackenberry Trout Farms

We are a central Alberta family fish farm, located between Edmonton and Camrose. We have satisfied customers across Alberta. For over 9 years we have supplied Rainbow & Brook trout for pond and commercial users as well as carp, pond supplies and advice.  Our environmentally friendly indoor recirculating facility is Certified Disease Free with a current Department of Fisheries and Oceans certification.  Besides supplying healthy fish for your pond we offer helpful advise and all pond equipment to help in making a healthy pond from stocking, wintering, to catching your fish.


The popular is used to control pond weeds & algae. It is safe to use with fish and is often used with grass carp. True Blue is formulated to filter sunlight penetration for weed control.  We supply pond dye in easy to use water-soluble packets.


Check out all the aeration equipment available. In short, aerating your pond will protect your fish, help prevent winter kill as well as keep your pond cleaner.


To stock ponds or dugouts in Alberta you require a Recreational Fish Culture License. 

Check our our Pond Facts for commonly asked questions.


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