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Do I need a licence to stock trout?


To stock ponds in Alberta you require a Recreational Fish Culture Licence. To obtain a licence apply at your nearest Agriculture Food & Rural Dev. office or phone 780-427-5083.  We cannot release the fish without a license. License cost is $10.00 a year.



How do I get the fish home?


We encourage you to pick up your fish right at the farm to view pond products, aerators and other equipment, tour the facility and perhaps get extra advice on raising trout. All you need to bring for smaller orders is a clean container (plastic garbage can or large totes) in which we place heavy bags, filled with water and saturated with oxygen.

(We can supply containers at the farm for a $15.00 deposit.)


For long hauls and larger fish you will need a barrel or tank, a full oxygen bottle and

regulator. We have airlines and air stone kits available.


Ackenberry Trout farms can also deliver your fish. You must order by March 30 toarrange to have fish delivered. Most delivery prices range from $50 - $150 per stop to yard depending on distance.

Feeding your fish


You may need to hand feed your trout depending on the amount of natural food in your pond.

Feeding your fish can be very therapeutic and great family fun.  Ackenberry carries quality BC fish food.



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