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Tito's Restaurant
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Tito's Restaurant  

When you want to eat the gold-standard of food, "locally grown organic"!

Mazen Assaf's reputation for a Standard of Quality Food and Service at reasonable prices has made Tito's Restaurant an enjoyable eatery at 101, 10006-101 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Making each visit a delightful and satisfying experience is their goal. Both family and staff take great pride in serving people. This pride continues in their commitment to serve mouth-watering meals at reasonable prices - in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Home-style flavour - only better!


  • At Tito's Restaurant, you are going to get locally grown food and you can connect with the growers if you choose, please ask.
  • Relaxed and down to earth.
  • What you are going to get is a mouthful of flavor - each time you bite!(Greek salad, kabobs, assorted souvlaki, Tabbouleh, semolina pasta, home made hummus, Falafel, chicken/beef Shawarma and much more.
  • People (of all ages, body guilders, weight watchers, health conscious, special dietary needs) come back with friends and family because they like to share the same great taste which will be there every next time they visit.
  • The consistency of flavour and use of locally grown and produced food items is what sets this restaurant apart.
  • You will not waste your money, you not only know you'll ALWAYS get a great meal here, YOU also  put money in the area's local economy and support local farmers.

Part of our success is that we use locally grown fresh ingredients and take pride in creating our sauces, gravies, dressings and soups in the old tradition .... from scratch! - Mazen Assaf 

  • Check out the menu and see the wide variety of choices available for your dining pleasure.
  • Choices range from the ever popular Mediterranean recipes and Daily Specials - Eastern, Western, Italian, Greek and Lebanese cuisines, to name a few.
  • The food isn't all that you will enjoy at Tito's Restaurant
  • The warm and friendly atmosphere welcomes you, your friends and new ones you may make at any evening function.
  • Whether you are enjoying a quick breakfast, lunch, an evening with friends and family, Tito's Restaurant will prove a memorable and returnable experience.
  • Tito's also offers catering and delivery. 780-539-4881
Friendship and Kind Words are shared around the house!

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  1. Sandra (Wembley)

    2011-08-16 18:49:22

    I went to Tito's for lunch & was very surprised at the diverse menu! I chose a not so normal Greek Salad, topped with Tito's chicken. I will order this again and recommend it.

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