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All organizations have life expectancies. Similar to people, they usually go through four stages of life. They start off as the curious and fearless young then turn into the exuberant youth and become steady in their stable middle years and finally achieving the golden age of maturity. With this cycle, if leaders of an organization are not prepared to change and adapt to conditions and circumstances of their market place, they perish! This is why organizations are ever evolving. In Freson Bros. case, we were continually evolving from a butcher shop when we started into a meat and produce store and again growing into a three department grocery store. Today, our largest stores have sixteen departments ranging from post office, hunting and fishing licenses, floral and photo developing and studio plus all the other supermarket departments. Many years ago, to stabilize our company, we chose to broaden our market place with stores in fifteen communities across Alberta.


The ultimate mandate of a management team is to maintain the viability of the organization. This requires that operational policies are principle based, with the vision, mission, values and goals are attuned to business growth through the unity and strength of its Team Members.

Freson Market and IGA have been our brand for 55 years. With young progressive and dynamic leadership, the time had come to evolve with a new brand and logo. In partnership with our consultants, they talked to us about our history and our future goals. They presented us with three options and we picked the brand Freson Bros. We believe this most depicted our culture, our history and who we want to be recognized as, in the future. With that, a logo was developed based on our heritage, our community involvement, the Freson family values and our presentation of our 4 pillars of success: Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Xciting Promotions or QSC+XP at store level.


 The Freson Bros. brand and our stores is the place to experience being treated as family and feeling at home by friendly staff and the stores’ active involvement in events as an integral part of each of the communities we operate in.

To our new customers and those who have been with us through the years –



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