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Tablet Program : Tablet Program - Prospecting and Sales

*(without knowing the sales margin of a product, it is difficult to estimate the sales cost needed to effectively promote, and still make a profit)

**The following is not to be duplicated or distributed to any other 3rd party.  It is meant as corespondence between Freson IGA, Ken Lovsin in particular and 100 Mile Mall, Carmelo Esposito. 

100 Mile Mall & Freson Mobility Tablet Program

I Bet You Did Not Think You Need a Tablet

The computer tablet format has been tried many times, without much success, due to they were clumsy and awkward to use.  The biggest discomfort was the keyboard and mouse functions. How do you duplicate the desk top version for ease of use?  Computer programs and Internet sites never did work as well as the desk top.

Two Major improvements have been made. Firstly,  hardware improvement.  The mouse has been replaced with touch screen technology. With the tap or swipe of a finger, you can accomplish what a traditional mouse does. Next, the creation of APP World.  Apps are created and designed for the tablet format, removing the awkwardness of using the Internet on a smaller mobile screen.  New hardware and new software combined together to form an entirely new computing and communication product line and lifestyle.

Like anything new, people will not know they need it, until someone tells then they need it.  When desk top computers were initially introduced to the marketplace no one knew they needed one.  But, as time went by, consumers were told they need one. At the beginning there was not much to do with a computer, just boring things, like keeping track of bills, not much fun.   Then came the Internet and wow, a total explosion of stuff to see.  The worlds largest catalogue.  Everyone starting cocooning themselves looking at a lot of stuff.  However, there was little or no inter-action between the user and the computer.

Then came Web 2.0.  User driven content, front end accessibility for the user and inter-active live databases.  They new Internet software allowed the creation of social networks like Facebook, MSN and much more.  Now the Internet was on a steroid growth pattern.

Human inter-action is what makes mankind what it is today.  Sooner or later people have to leave their desk and go get or do something.  When they do, most people were now feeling disconnected, how ironic.  At first, being behind a computer made a person fell disconnected from the world and now the reverse was taking fruition.

The tablet is needed because people do not want to be tied to their desk top and do want to inter-act with the world.  We are not hermits and have many varied consumption needs. This new method of computing and communicating does not hinder "human technology", the art of human inter-action, but actually accomplishes the exact opposite, it enhances life. 

Finally, the computer is your best friend, always by your side and never letting you down, as long as you feed it a little power every day.  Most people today are never more than an arms length away from a smart device. They are lost without it, as if their best friend moved away.

100 Mile Mall Sale Program

Initial Sales and Promotion Material

Register for a Free Membership on

  • set up your Profile
  • allows communication between users - Neighbors.

Upgrade to a Commercial Membership

  • set up your mall location store, a user website
  • Profiles and Websites are automatically linked to each other and have their own seperate search functions.
  • Will be automatically posted in the Vendor Map

Begin a Coupon and Promotion Program on 100 Mile Mall

  • create coupons, flyer's, sales, events
  • create news articles to be posted in the Newsstand. A new one every week.
  • begin a topic in Discussions, Q&A - the Freson Mobility Samsung Tablet.  Here you can answer a lot of customer questions and gives your clients a resource center of solutions.  In a lot of cases, clients will answer clients questions, saving you the need to. A great selling tool 
  • place any related special events in the Events Calendar

Coupon Program

One of the biggest objections the tablet will face is price and "why do I need to spend more money".  The normal buyout price of $650 makes it a price point that will make the consumer think a bit.  However, the standard price for a Samsung Tablet is $199.00 down payment, with any 3 year service plan, which a user needs, otherwise, you would lose most of the functionality.  So, the consumer is now only making $199.00 decision.

All consumers and businesses are on a fixed budget.  So, if you spend money in one area, another area may suffer.  This could be the deciding factor whether or not a tablet or any new smart device is purchased.

When presenting the tablet, if the price question comes early on in the presentation, the sales person should reply, "In a few minutes, I will show you that when you purchase a tablet from us today, it "will not" (emphasis this) cost your budget anything.  Actually, we may be able to help you with that also."

When presenting the price,

Tablet Price

  • during the regular structured sales presentation,
  • mention, "Like I mentioned earlier on, we have a program that will not cost your budget anything." (only if you did mention early on)
  • or if not mentioned earlier on , "We have a program that will not cost your budget anything."
  • Mention, "The regular price of the Samsung tablet is $650 and very well worth it.  However, Bell will give you a $450 credit if you purchase a 3 year plan, which is the best in the business.  So, the actual selling price is only $199.00.  Great price for an awesome tablet."
  • Mention, " Not bad, huh!", while at the same time subtly and gently nodding your head up and down.  It is a good time to ask for a yes or no question here like, "So, is this a good price for you?"
  • If above question is that $199.00 is a good price, you are in a great position
  • If above question is that $199.00 is a bad price, you mention, "Yah, $199 can be tough today, but, you are in for a treat today!  Our program will not cost your budget anything.  We have well over $200.00 worth of coupons, pre-loaded in your tablet, which can be used on items you need to buy anyway.   These coupons are easily redeemable in our grocery store and other participating vendors."
  • Mention, "The beauty of having a tablet is you do not have to carry a bunch of little pieces of paper with you and remember to bring along.  These coupons are in your tablet and are super easy to use.  We have an App for that. It also is a very green method for coupons." "They pay for themselves, in your pocket book and for your environment."
  • The couponing program also high-lites another advantage of having a tablet.  No home should be without one.  It is an investment.

Service Plan

  • Mention, "So, as you see the tablet will not end up costing you anything.  Good, now that we know that, yes, there is a monthly service plan that costs extra.  But, guess what, we can help you with that also." 
  • Mention, "The monthly service fee is $35.00 for x amount of usage and if you go over your limit you are automatically bumped into our more economical plan of $50.00 a month for x amount of usage.  You get the best of both worlds.
  • Mention, "To help you offset your monthly fee, we will have new coupons and promotions posted weekly in the 100 Mile Mall Coupon App.  These offers will probably save you a lot more money than the $35.00."


  • Mention, "So as you can see, the tablet is not an expense but rather a household investment.  It is the central hub for saving a lot of money and communicating, with the important people in your life at the same time."
  • Time to close, "All we need to do now is get you to verify your order here.", while pointing to where they sign and then handing them the pen.
  • Now is the time to have poise and let them take the NEXT action.
  • If objections - refer to Objections in the Sales Manuall.



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