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Vegetable Nutrition: This high vegetable list is like a doctor making house calls

Mar 26, 2006 Sally Odum

fruits-and-vegetables_bg.jpgA vegetable garden isn't just a fun pastime. Vegetable nutrition improves the quality of life. This high vegetable list proves a vegetable garden is like a doctor/clinic/medicine cabinet all wrapped into one. Why? Because expanding your fresh fruit vegetable intake increases disease prevention, improves quality of life, and cures illness.

For example, during World War II, garlic was commonly referred to as the "Russian antibiotic." An antiviral, people have long used garlic for colds and flu. When supplies were low on manufactured antibiotic, garlic was used. Recent studies show garlic may contain chemicals that destroy cancer cells. It also helps expel parasites. Another powerful food product is vinegar. Hot peppers pickled in vinegar--now, that's something Grandmas and Grandpas swore by. Vinegar also kills almost all germs and bacteria - you can clean with it.

There are many healthy foods which have *extreme* healing properties. Most of you have heard about these super foods. A superfood is considered a high vegetable, or one which contains vitamins, minerals and/or nutrients that promote overall good health, but act as medicine as well.


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  1. Sandra Parsons (Wembley)

    2011-07-14 19:05:51

    Pickled garlic is to die for, too. I cook with sauerkraut quite often. I will pour it over a pork roast after browning it (I also poke slivers of garlic into the roast before putting it in the pot).

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