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When you start learning to play soccer, you will experience both pleasure and frustration.

If you practice without getting results you will sooner or later get to a point where you think that soccer is not the sport for you and may even decide to quit.

Please, do not quit.  It only gets better with each outing.

Do I Need Some Special Skills To Learn How To Play Soccer?

  • No!
  • You do not need to possess some extraordinary skills.
  • You can easily work your way up with regular practice, play and determination.
  • You do need to be prepared to play and have fun

What If I Am Not Talented Enough?

  • Soccer is a team sport
  • Talent is a means of comparison, soccer players may be more talented than you, while others may not.
  • If you just rely on talent alone, you would never become a team player.
  • The higher you set your goals, the more you'll need to work and practice to reach them.
  • Many soccer players fail to achieve their goals, or quit too early, because they don't understand the point.
  • A lot of soccer players waste their talent just because they thought that skipping a few practices or games, to go partying with their friends, rather than playing as often as possible,  is not a big deal.

How About My Age, Does It Matter?

  • Anyone can learn how to play soccer no matter how old they are.
  • You can and you will, learn how to play soccer.
  • Soccer is a pretty simple sport. 
  • It doesn't matter how old you are, learning soccer has nothing to do with your age.
  • You do not need to know how to play soccer before joining.
  • Players don't know where and how to start learning to play soccer and thus miss out on playing soccer. 
  • However, you needn't have this problem because it is solved with the new Sexsmith Minor Soccer Program.

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