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News : Advanced Soccer Training Program

Do you want to ......."be the best you can be"?

Simply Put 
  1. Great Attitude
  2. Go practice, and run some more!
What does it take to have fun with soccer?
  • A soccer ball, practice your skills
  • Skill drills work better with the a buddy.
  • Get a few friends, organize a small game,
  • Have fun!
 What it takes  Last week I got email from a parent / coach. He and his son were watching the SoccerU series together, session by session and working on all the technical skills at home. He was amazed at the level of improvement in his son’s skills. Even his coaches had commented at his club. He started to question whether or not he should move his son to a different club  

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Garrincha, O anjo das pernas tortas / the twisted legs angel


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