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 Where do I start?

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 Consult your



Ideal Body Weight

Use chart and
BMI Index.

See below.

Enter Data

in the Form

In the Actsription tab.

See above.


Exercise Actscription

 See reults in
Actsrciption Plan.

in the Actscription tab


Calorie Actscription

See results in
Calorie Plan.

in the Actscription tab

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Doctor gives actscription to patient and then brings to a local exercise consultant at a local leisure facility.  The exercise consultant will meet with you to develop a 12 week exercise program. An initial assessment carried out by the consultant should focus on the type of activity that you enjoy and it will be based on your Actscription and time commitments. Over the 12 weeks your consultant can provide coaching and motivational support, so that on completion of the 12 weeks you have all the skills you need to stay active and healthy.  

 Consult your

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