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"Update your Profile, Website and Promotions, 24/7"

What is 100 Mile Mall?

 100 Mile Mall is a social community for folks that enjoy buying local products and services, plus a large number of tools to help connect local shops with the community. Shop local and enjoy yourself, while meeting others who enjoy it too.

Why should I join? 

 There are many reasons to join, but some of the best reasons include:

  • 100% Free lifetime memberships for regular users.
  • Collect and save coupons from your local shops.
  • Discuss relevant topics that interest you.
  • Create an extensive custom profile.
  • Keep up to date on the newest Events and News.

What else can I do here? 

 Some of the more advanced users will take advantage of the custom user Websites. These are websites within 100MileMall.com that is all yours. Think of this as your own custom storefront inside of the 100 Mile Mall.

How can 100 Mile Mall help my business? 

If you are a business, you will love the features here for you. They include:

  • List your business in the directory with a full business profile with map.
  • Add all your coupons to 100 Mile Mall, you're in full control.
  • Adding unlimited user Website pages, you're in full control.
  • Optional custom built user Website themes.
  • Connect with the entire 100 Mile Mall community.

What's next? 

Simple. Join the 100 Mile Mall network now! 

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