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2 - Website : Your Own Customizable Website

YourOwn Customizable Website


Using UHP2 Instructions

  • When a user accesses UHP2 for the first time, either via the directory page, via the manager module or from the Community Builder plugin, they will see a “1st time” page.
  • This can be customized to allow information and instructions to be displayed.
  • Once this page is displayed, the basic user site has been created, but no pages have been setup yet.
  • To create pages, the user should click on the icon below the “1st time” text, they should now see their control panel displayed which will allow them to customize their site settings or create pages.

Site Settings

  • Each site can have a title, custom header, footer and a short description which will be displayed in the sites directory.
  • It is now possible to upload an image which will be displayed with the site details in the directory.
  • This can also be shown in the featured sites module.
  • Users can now select from a list of themes provided to change the look and feel of their site.
  • To change these settings, click on the settings button in the control panel, or the settings link in the manager module.

Creating Pages

  • The control panel should also show a Create page button with a drop down list of page types below.
  • Creating pages is very intuitive, just choose the page type and complete the appropriate fields.
  • Save the page and if all the default configuration options are set, the page will be visible via the directory.       
  • Up to 50 pages can be created using UHP2, the plus version is only restricted by administrator controlled configuration settings.

Managing Page

  • The control panel has an option to Manage pages. This allows editing, deletion publishing etc of pages.
  • For each page, a graphic identifying the page type along with the menu and page title is displayed.
  • It is also possible to specify the order pages will appear in the menu.
  • Pages can be deleted, edited viewed, published or made private.
  • Approval can only be changed by users in a group designated as administrators.

Approving Pages

  • Where an administrator has auto approval switched off, any new pages or changes to existing pages will result in the page becoming unapproved and invisible to other users.
  • Unapproved pages will always be visible to the owner of the page or to administrators.
  • Unapproved pages will have their menu colored red.
  • If the Revision configuration option is set, when a page is modified, the original page will not be changed, but a new page with the changes will be created.
  • When this updated page is approved, the original page will be deleted and the updated page will be visible.
  • Auto Approval is turned on.

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