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7 - News : Advertorials


"advertorials have proven to be an effectivemeans of marketing a company or product"

Aterm that combines the words “editorial” and “advertisement”, anadvertorial refers to a type of advertisement which resembles editorialcontent.
  • An advertorial is written in the form of an objective opinion editorial.
  • May resemble a news story about a product or service.
  • Advertorials frequently feature information about a new product.
  • Technological advancements in existing services.
  • An advertorial is written similarly to a press release
  • Often contains statistics on scientific research, consumer trends, or other authoritative pieces of information.  
  • Advertorials work well for products and services where information sells better than images.
  • Products and services frequently featured in advertorial form include;
  1. nutritional supplements,
  2. cosmetic procedures,
  3. sporting goods,
  4. educational training programs
  5. travel agencies,
  6. and much more.


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