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 KKleskun Springs - Aerial View


  Bio Diverse 220 acres of Natural Habitat

  Kleskun Springs lies nestled on 220 acres of privately owned pristine bio-diverse landscape, at the northwest edge of the Kleskun Lake Reserve, in the County of Grande Prairie #1.
The land has NEVER been treated with any pesticides or chemicals and the majority of the property has not met a plow.  The many sources of water include artesian springs, artesian well, spring-melt run off and drilled wells, provide more than an adequate supply of pollution free water for farming, gardening, fishing ponds, recreational sport fields and domestic use.
  KLeskun Springs 

  Kleskun Springs is Operated on an eco-friendly principle.

   Kleskun Springs' goal has been to keep the land in its natural organic state, without the use of any man made chemicals. Kleskun Springs can boast it has some of Alberta's remaining 5% of original plant and grass life.  

  Kleskun Springs - Video View


  Water Featues

  Land Features
  • artesian Spring Fed Fishing Ponds
  • artesian Wells
  • many Natural Springs
  • spring run off Channel
  • Kleskun Lake Reserve
  • chemical FREE
  • 220 acres of bio-diverse land
  • private property
  • full size soccer pitch 120 x 80 yds
  • 3 fishing ponds - catch & release
  • sandy beach - swimming
  • one half mile of land bank facing south


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