Grande Prairie Farmer's Market
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There are 2 ways to attain a membership at the Grande Prairie Farmers' Market.

Earned Membership: you attend 25 markets between January 1st and June 30th.

Purchased Membership: you attend 10 markets between January 1st and June 30th and pay $200 to attain member benefits. Once you attain membership you then receive a reduced member space rental fee rate and voting rights at meetings.


• Reduced space rental fees
• Voting privileges at meetings
• Guarantee of one table to a maximum of three tables or 24 feet of frontage

All vendors pay a $10.00 registration fee once a year no matter how many markets they attend.

All Vendors must complete a Vendor registration form to be put on file for a complete list and description of products. Each Vendor must volunteer a minimum of 24 hours throughout the year - Januly 1st - December 31st to attain or maintain reduced membership rates.


Set up starts Wednesdays and Fridays as early as 2:00pm and Saturdays as early as 8:00am. You must be set up and ready for customers 1/2 hour prior to market opening. There is NO selling to the general public before the bell is rung to start market. Each vendor is responsible to stay until the end of each market, if there are extreme circumstances you can speak with the market manager to make arrangements. The only circumstance that allows vendors to leave before the end of market is if you completely sell out of your product.



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