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Vendor Presence:

All vendors are expected to remain at the Market from the beginning until the end unless the Vendor has sold out of ALL products or has received approval from the Market Manager. There are table signs available for Vendors who sell out early, to attach their business card to and place on the table top to inform customers they have sold out and will return next Market.

It is expected that Vendors will be present to set-up their space at least one-half hour prior to the Market opening to the general public. In the event that a Vendor is not present one-half hour before the opening of the Market to the general public, the Vendor’s space maybe reassigned, unless the Vendor provides the Market Manager with prior notice that he/she will be late. Please be sure to communicate with the Market Manager if at last minute you will not be able to attend Market or are going to be late, if you don’t reach the Market Manager directly please leave a message to indicate you made that communication. Failing to communicate with the Market Manager will result in a $10 fine. Friday Markets have been allotted a small margin of flexibility, being absent or late without communication on a Saturday will NOT be tolerated.

Vendors that wish to leave their merchandise, if they will be absent must have their space manned by a responsible person and advise them as to these policies and procedures. If space is not manned goods must be removed so that space can be rented. Please note it is a privilege to be able to leave your product set up and is given to Vendors upon attaining their Grande Prairie Farmers’ Market membership in good standing.

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