Grande Prairie Farmer's Market
Procedures : Procedures

vegetablesidebarSelling Times:                                      

There will be NO SALE OF GOODS prior to the opening of the Market except the Market Manager, Board of Directors and other Vendors may buy from each other before the opening time. The bell will be rung to signal the start and finish of Market each operating day.

Parking: (see attached map for parking lots)

The parking area surrounding the Market including parking on the street is intended for customer use. Upon unloading products, ALL Vendors are to move to the designated Vendor parking areas: a) the parking lot to the west across the street b) the far north east end of the parking lot of the Farmers’ Market building c) the parking lot next to the Gold Star Restaurant (must purchase parking stub from machine on Fridays but is free of charge on Saturdays).

There are few exceptions as per the discretion of the Market Manager.

Please indicate vehicle license plate numbers of each vehicle you bring to the Market. License plate #’s & description of each vehicle:

If any Vendor does not comply with the parking during the Market hours, they will receive a written warning. Every infraction after receiving a warning will result in a $10 fine.

Stall Maintenance:                                           

Vendors are responsible for cleanliness of their space. Vendors are expected to ensure that at the end of an operating day their space is left in clean condition, the cleaners will sweep or vacuum the floor area behind your table if your chairs are up on the table. Vendors are responsible to ensure that all garbage is removed from their space.

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