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Preparing Your Files For Print
Please call us before you start a project! 
There are important points that you need to be aware of. If you have already prepard a project but require printing we can "print from disk" here is what we need to make the job go smooth

1) Please supply all fonts used in the project, if possible convert your fonts to curves or outlines, then they are read by the computer as a graphic and not a font. This resolves a lot of issuses when we try to open the file.

2) Provide seperations on paper or transparencys

3) Any and all source graphics including clipart and photos (300 dpi)

4) Provide hard copy of what the project is to look like, so we know what we are looking at.

5) A colour sample of the job or greyscale and colours indicated by writing on the document, we have a Pantone swatch book that you can choose the inks colour from. Please be aware that spot colours shift or change when converted to cmyk, you may want to discuss this with the client.

6) Correct resolution of photos - 300 dpi please. If you are unsure about your photos provide us with the originals and we will scan and replace the ones in the file.

7) Save the document as an: eps., ai or pdf. file. With a hard copy please.

8) If you are designing a project to be printed inone colour please create the document in GRAYSCALE. Make your photographs in black and white. You will be able to judge the contrast accruatly this way.

9) If you are printing in two colours, specify one plate as black the other plate as magenta or cyan, this helps us get the proper plate seperation. This may seem like a lot of work because the client will want to see a colour proof of what the job will look like when printed but it will save you, the designer a lot of headache time.

10) If you are printing a full colour job please give us seperations. We require a cyan, magenta, yellow and black plate (cmyk). Seperations will show you, the designer if there are any problems with the file and where they are. We all know that computers are not perfect and some files will give us problems. You can check them at this stage and do corrections before it costs a lot of money. On larger jobs we may recommend that you get a colour key done to check for accurate colour.

Photos need to be scanned at 300 dpi (dots per inch) to get the very best quality 72 dpi or screen resoulution will not produce a quality product and may appear grainy or pixilated (looks like it is made up of squares). This is a problem when your client wants you to "get it off the internet" these pictures are low res and only look good on the screen. There is also a problem with COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. The colour mode for full colour printing is CMYK. Most scanners scan as RGB so your photo will need to be converted in a photo editing program. If you are not sure supply us with the original photos and we will scan and replace the ones supplied in the document. Please discuss this with the sales represenative in charge of your account, or call us!

Digital Cameras
Digital cameras are great - but for you to use them for print you will need to have your camera set to the highest possible file size. Digital cameras measure picture size in "megapixles". Save them on a CD, do not send us your only copy of them. If you are emailing them to us call and let us know, we will be expecting them and can contact you if there are any problems.

We are PC based but the staff has knowledge of the Mac enviroment too. Our primary page layout program is CoralDRAW! 11. We can also open files created in:
• In Design 2
• Illustrator 10
• Photoshop 6
• Acrobat 5 
• Pagemaker 6.5
• Publisher 2000
A note about Microsoft Office Suite
Projects done in Publisher, Word or Excel are very difficult to manage because they are not industry standard. Please review Preparing Your Files For Print before sending us the file or contact us.


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