Official Site to Register a Nick Name for Your Transport
Official site to register a nick name for your transport
Name Your Transport : Official Site to Register a Nick Name for Your Transport

hy Name Your Transport

  • Research shows that over a half of  drivers have names for their transportation! If you are one of those drivers, will be an awesome resource for you.
  • Did you know that October 2 is National Name Your Car Day? No? That’s okay, nobody else really knew about it either. It’s one of those ‘unofficial calendar days. So, let's do our best to make it official.
  • Why wait? Do it TODAY!

What Your Car's Name Says About You

Name Your Boat
There are two types of people in this world: people who give their cars a name and people who think that’s really, really dumb. But hey, it’s human nature to anthropomorphize (SAT word!) inanimate objects, so I’d wager there are more of the former. My cars’ names have always been descriptive: Blue, Green, The Mini, The Limited, The Cobra, The Jetta, etc. A quick poll around the office turned up names like Bluebonnet, Maggie, Element (for a Honda Element), Suby (for a Subaru), Vanessa aka the Green Meanie, and Muffin. Clearly, I need new coworkers.

Anyway, a study commissioned by AutoNation confirms that the more cars you own in your life, the more likely you are to participate in the name game. The most common names are Betsy, Betty, Bertha, Bessie, and Baby, though why everyone is so obsessed with the letter B is anyone’s guess.  Source


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