Official Site to Register a Nick Name for Your Transport
Official site to register a nick name for your transport
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Groups -  Benefits and Features has many Features and Benefits for you and your choice of tranportation, whether it is an automobile, recreational vehical, motorcycle, watercraft, aircraft or if it moves.

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Take your Profile to the next social level by empowering your contacts to organize themselves into common interest groups. Sit back and watch your community interact, socialize and expand your community by inviting their friends to their groups and your Profile.

Groups can be public, private or by invitation only. Group interaction is facilitated via Wall posting, Photo, Video and File sharing, and communicating by group messaging and group dedicated forum areas! Group members can also schedule events with Google map location support.

Join A Group Today, There are some predesignated Groups already setup. Start up a sub-Group in any of these Categories.

Or, set up your own Group.

If you own more than one transport, multiple vehicles, you may want to start a Group for just yourself. Have your own personal garage. Just set your Invite setting to "By Invite Only.

Any Group you join or start will show up in your Profile in your My Groups Tab.

Start socializing and networking TODAY! 

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