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Neighbor Websites
Category Owner Site Details
Businerss Arbonne Arbonne Grande Prairie
Arbonne Grande Prairie
LMP Land Mass Properties
Land Mass Properties, rental properties in Grande Prairie Alberta
General Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates ( CorpGray )
Carbohydrates Super Food
Fruits ( CorpOrange )
Super Food Fruits
Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and Seeds ( CorpBlue )
Nuts and Seeds Super Food
Oils and Fats
Oils and Fats Super Food ( Earth )
Oils and Fats Super Food ( Earth )
Protein Super Food ( Wind )
Protein Super Food
Super Foods
Super Foods ( Water )
super foods
Vegetables ( CorpGreen)
100 Mile Challenge 100 Mile Challenge
When the average North American sits down to eat, each ingredient has typically traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles. On the first day of spring 2005, a couple from Vancouver, British Columbia, Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon, chose to confront this unsettling statistic with a simple experiment. For one year, they would buy or gather their food and drink from within 100 miles of their apartment in Vancouver
Chefs Corner Chefs Corner
In this site Chefs will find ideas and tips on how to set up your website. Also promotional ideas.
100 Mile Mall Sample Pages
This site is for demonstration purposes. Get ideas on how to set up your Profile. Also, if you are interested in your own custom website, take a look at some of our work and talented back-end stuff. The guys and gals that get it all done for us. Links to some examples, below.
100 Mile Manitoba 100 Mile Manitoba
We're inviting 100 Manitobans to draw a circle 100 miles in radius around their kitchen tables, and then eat only food from within that circle of local bounty for 100 days. It's an experiment, a challenge, an adventure, a feast. So pull up to the table and dig in.
Ackenberry Trout
Ackenberry Trout Farms
Who is Ackenberry Trout Farms?...... Ackenberry Trout Farms is located on our family farm between Edmonton, and Camrose Alberta. We supply live rainbow trout for pond and commercial users, and possess a current Department of Fisheries and Oceans disease free certification.
Actscription Actscription
Activity prescription. Canadian doctors are increasingly turning to prescriptions of exercise as a means to prevent and treat a host of illnesses.
Alberta Aquaculture Alberta Aquaculture Association
Mission Statement .......The Alberta Aquaculture Association supports the pursuit of aquaculture promotion and education. Code of Ethics .......The Code of Ethics for the Alberta Aquaculture Association is a statement of principles that guides the members in their business and management practices.
Alberta Farmers Markets Alberta Farmers Markets
Eating Local in Alberta....... Do you want to join the eating local movement happening across Alberta but are wondering where to go to buy local food. Here are some options:
Alberta Organic
Alberta Organic Producers Association
The Alberta Organic Producers Association (AOPA)....... was initially formed in 1990 as OCIA Alberta Chapter # 1, with 26 members. In 2000 theOCIA membership had grown to 147 inspected organic producers and processors with approximately 40 associate/supporting members. In 2003 a restructuring took place and the Alberta Organic Producers Association (AOPA) was formed. The certifying body for AOPA is the "Organic Crop Improvement Association International (OCIA) Inc". Membership is open to anyone interested in the production, processing, marketing and consumption of organic products.
Official Site to Register a Nick Name for Your Transport
Welcome to aNickName ANickName is a social community network website that allows a user to personify their mode of transportation, whether it is either an automobile, truck, car, boat, RV, motorcycle or any other transportation method. The structure of aNickName will allow a user to identify their vehicle much more easily to others. E.G. Instead of saying to someone "look up 2014 GMC", you could just tell them to look up the vehicle's nick name “lookup Betsy09 on aNickName”. ANickName can be very useful for insurance purposes or if you every want to sell your transport. You do not have to repeat yourself to every prospect. Users can be individuals, transportation dealerships, repair shops or similar.
Applejack Ranch Applejack Ranch
Located in the rolling grassland of central Alberta, Applejack Ranch is Western Canada’s premier supplier of Canadian Dexter cattle. Our herd consists of over 50 registered animals, including three bulls, and we also sell semen from live and historical stock to national and international markets. Eminent Dexter breeders, Carol Davidson and Donna Rudd, have helped us to achieve the best of both beef and dairy traits, and our herd represents the best Canadian Dexter gene pool in the country. Our animals are naturally organic, meaning we do not use drugs or hormones, and they live in open conditions. We love our little cows! Every day we are among them, working with them and ensuring their health and wellbeing. And we also work hard to ensure that we breed and sell only the best animals to small landholders looking for a family cow, the young 4-Her looking for beef cow to raise and show, or other cattle producers who may be looking for specific dairy or beef traits that only the Dexter can provide.
Demand Industries Demand Industries
What's protecting your truck? Demand Industries Inc. is a fast growing business in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We manufacture truck accessories such as Brake Caliper Guards, Skid Plates, Lift Kits, and Bush Bumpers, as well as custom manufacture for your needs. All our products are powder coated to inhibit rust and are specifically designed to protect your truck.
Bear Creek Golf Club Bear Creek Golf Club
Bear Creek Golf Club is a beautiful eighteen hole golf course in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. It is so much more than just another public golf club. Although we take golf at Bear Creek seriously, we gather here to do much more. You will find the staff and patrons of Bear Creek to be friendly and hospitable. The atmosphere lets you enjoy the moment. We truly are the most accessible and affordable golf destination in the Peace Region.
Bezanson Cafe Bezanson Cafe
In Bezanson, Alberta
Bloomin Inn Bloomin' Inn
Welcome to the Bloomin’ Inn Colleen and Francis Cyr welcome you to their ranch near Pincher Creek, Alberta, just two hours south of Calgary. Featuring 12 rooms with accommodations for up 43 guests, the Bloomin’ Inn offers a unique experience in western hospitality
Broxburn Vegetables Broxburn Vegetables and Cafe
In 1994 Paul & Hilda de Jonge purchased 80 acres 5 kilometers (3 miles) east of Lethbridge and 1 kilometer (3/4 mile) south of Highway #3 on the Broxburn Road. The farm provided a home, but also was planned for a U-Pick operation. In 1996 a small greenhouse was put up to grow peppers. In 2001 a larger greenhouse went into operation and tomatoes and cucumbers were added. Remodeling the old barn started in 2002 for the purpose of a produce store and the idea was born to add a café. Planning to attract tourists to the farm was one of the goals for setting up the facility. Ag-tourism has become a popular vacation attraction in many places in North America.