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Super Foods - what are they?
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Superfood is a term sometimes used to describe food with high phytonutrient content that may confer health benefits as a result. For example, blueberries are often considered a superfood (or superfruit) because they contain significant amounts of antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber.[1]


  • We need to be super-nourished in today’s hectic and toxic world to maintain our vitality and wellbeing.

  • Yet,it can be difficult to know how to judge a food’s nutritional value.

  • Myriad voices beckon us with their deceptive or confusing claims, and we must be armed with knowledge.

  • So, that we can make wise, truly beneficial choices.

    A healthy food begins with real ingredients.

  • It begins with healthy soils and careful farm practices that nourish and respect the life that food has to offer us.

  • How a food is grown, prepared or processed can enhance its nutritional profile and digestibility and, in turn, our own wellbeing.

  • With that in mind, below are identified six key contributions that food must make to fuel us well.


Sad to say, our soils have been depleted by conventional growing practices. Plants get their vitamins from the sun, but their minerals from the soil, and if the soil is deficient, so are we. We must find other ways to enhance our mineral status because the thousands of daily enzyme functions in the body require a vitamin and a mineral to be performed efficiently. We need a host of minerals, including many trace nutrients, for our bodies to build, restore and function properly.


These key nutritional components keep free radicals from damaging our bodies. They are like the firemen who quell fires before they become an uncontrollable, destructive blaze. They keep us from the “rusting” ...the oxidative damage...that can initiate inflammation, and we know that inflammatory processes are at the root of not only pain and joint destruction, but also cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s,


Not all fibres are the same. The best fibres are those that we consume regularly in the plant foods – vegetables in particular, and also fruits, legumes, greens and whole grains. These foods all add colour, variety, antioxidants and substance to our meals. Fibre plays several important roles, from balancing blood sugar levels and nourishing beneficial bacteria in the gut, to assisting elimination. Fibre has a vital role in disease prevention.

Digestive Promoters – Enzymes and Probiotics

Enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, probiotics and other beneficial micro-organisms are central to transforming food into digestible, easy-to-assimilate nourishment for our bodies. They are the “spark” of life and are hard to come by or non-existent in the myriad of processed foods flooding the market. Raw foods, organic foods from living soil, fermented foods, cultured or sprouted foods, natural sourdoughs, artisan techniques…all make their own contribution to the food’s “super powers”, either by the way they are grown or the way they are prepared, or both. Include these in each meal and reap the benefit.


For growth and development, repair, G.I. health, strong immunity, blood sugar control and satiety, protein is important. Clean protein sources that are easy to digest are the best, and that means considering where and how they are grown, as well as how they are prepared. An example of this is the family-owned fishery that chooses the optimal location, season, and life stage for the catch, and then attends to optimal testing standards, cooking methods, type of salt and other details, all for our benefit. They understand the issues, and they work for each of us to produce the superior foods we need. I, for one, am extremely grateful.

Good Fats

Healthy fats make healthy cell membranes, and healthy cells make a healthy body. Many of us are fat-starved, mistakenly believing that fats will make us fat…or worse. The opposite is actually true. We must run from damaged, processed, dangerous fats and embrace real, wholesome, healing fats: the important omega 3’s and the fats found naturally in nuts, olives, and avocados, as well as the healthy saturated fats. True nourishment for the body!

Be wary of packaged and processed foods that jump onto the Super Food bandwagon. Often, they capitalize on the consumer’s increased awareness of the latest Super Food trend or talk show excitement, by adding minimal or inferior ingredients in order to be able to claim that their product is healthier. Be discerning in your purchases and ask questions of people who are qualified to give you answers. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you sort out the helpful foods from the hyped foods.

Raise your own awareness of what comprises a healthy food, stock your cupboards with them, and enjoy. You will never be...or feel...the same again!

“Just For the Health of It”

Janet Jacks

There is food, and then there’s food…
       that fills us up for a while, and food that is nourishment.


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