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Year End Awards Day : Year End Awards Day
 Put together an Events schedule for the following
Who - Grande Prairie Men's League
  • Mens Legue Players, referees and GPSA officials and staff
  • Ask the ladies to have their own all-star game and awards night on thesame day. 


What - Fundraiser, All Start Game, Banquet, Awards
  • formal portion of the eveninga event schedule, complete with awards and an official presentation of the Trophy’s?
  • Maybe some catagories to be voted on
  • Prizes for golden boot, most sportsmanlike etc
  • We will run this as a fundraiser
  • pre-sell tickets so Id like to consider some real prizes here.
  • Also a 50/50 draw with funds going directly to mens league.
  • The day of the event we should have a fund-raising all-star game before the party.
  • Start getting everyone involved early in the day.
  • The all star team should have two reps from each team.
  • To simplify each team votes on their own two reps.
  • The coaches then can fill in with 2 or 3 Coaches selections to balance out the roster.
  • The gate fee can be voluntary, suggest $5.00, after all how often have you played in an All-Star game.
  • Getting some league Jerseys for this would be REAL COOL,
  • and let player buy if they want, as a memo / show off.

Where - Lions Den
  • Lions Den about holding it at Jakes Down South
  • close the doors to the public and underage players can attened.
  • Seating capacity may be an issue as I think its like 150 or so


When - end of season?
  • The date of this should be the weekend after the season finale.


Why  - League Exposure, Fundraiser and Fun
  • Lions Den staff agreed to sponser some door prizes as well.
  • Meal would consist of steak and potato with ceaser salad
  • Cost at this weekends Red Eye was $10 dollars a plate was really good!
  • We would probably want to bring it up to 15 each to make a little on the tickets ( I think 10 bucks was just to cover Dens cost)



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