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Hot Horse Handicapping

 Picks Winners Quickly

No Math Skills Needed 

 Whatever your skill level


 will help you pick winners and enjoy the Horse Races even more!

 Handicapping Horses...Guess work at best?  

Not necessarily so. Some skill is involved, to the level that some experts can make a living at it. 

Unless, you have been around the race track or have a knowledgeable individual that has the patience to teach you, it is difficult to know which horse to pick to bet on.

Some people will bet on colors, while others will bet on Names.

Both, of these betting scenarios give you approximately the same odds and skill level as betting on a VLT. However, live racing is much more fun.

It can be difficult to handicap horses, especially the horses that tend to "cheat" or do just enough to win.

However, at some point handicappers have to quantify what they've seen in previous races with some sort or measurement, i.e. Speed figures, Class, Back Class, Jockey and Trainer, are amongst the most popular categories.

You then have to compare one horse, at their best or an average of their best races,

to all other horses in the race.

Doing the math involved can be very daunting to horse race goers, especially someone unfamiliar with the sport, to the point they may not want to attend the races.

No one wants to seem or look to be dumb and unknowledgeable.

Hot Horse Handicapping allows a beginner to pick winners, 2nd, 3rd and long shot, at the track relatively easy.

You do not need to do math, but only need to know how to read a Racing Form.

  Of course Hot Horse Handicapping cannot guarantee a winner,

that is why Rule 1 in horse racing does apply.

“Since no one knows for sure who will win,

is why we run the races.”

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