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What is an Actscription?

In simple terms, an Actscription is an

Activity Calorie Treatment - ACT Prescription.

 A new prescription from doctors: Exercise
Exercise prescription


Prescriptions of exercise given out by Nanaimo doctors are becoming more popular in the battle to try prevent and treat a variety of illnesses.

The majority of Canadians still do not value the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise per day, five days a week, according to Dr. Derek Poteryko of Nanaimo. In the last 12 months, the local doctor estimates he has written 250 prescriptions for exercise on special prescription pads for health issued by the Ministry of Health.

To highlight the importance to fit exercise into a daily routine and how simple it can be, Poteryko is encouraging the community to join him and other Nanaimo health care professionals for the annual Walk with Your Doc event at Maffeo-Sutton Park at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines states children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day and adults 150 minutes per week. A 2011 Statistics Canada reports said only 15 per cent of Canadians meet the minimum recommended standard of exercise each week. The guide-lines for adults were achieved by 17 per cent of men and 14 per cent of women, while the youth guidelines were met by just nine per cent of boys and four per cent of girls.

"It's such a simple manoeuvre," said Poteryko of the ability incorporate 30 minutes of activity into a daily routine. "But it's something we as a society still do not value as much as we should."

Poteryko sites a nine-minute animated YouTube video by Dr. Mike Evans called 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the best thing we can do, as a perfect example of the role exercise plays in everyone's health. It challenges viewers to limit sitting and sleeping to only 23-and-a-half hours of their day, an interesting alternative to encouraging people to move their bodies for 30 minutes.

To prescribe exercise as medicine was inspired by researchers in New Zealand. Since 2003, they've published studies in medical journals showing how doctors' prescriptions for exercise in that country can increase physical activity in adults by 10 per cent for at least a year.

"It's such a weird concept, but there's good evidence that exercise is medicine," said Poteryko. Walk with Your Doc (a half hour walk) takes place at Maffeo-Sutton Park at 11 a.m. on Saturday. There will be 100 random prizes for participants and free pedometers. Frontrunners will also have free giveaways.


   Exercise prescription is the referral of patients to exercise programs. The term is also used to describe the development of exercise programs.

Patient Referral

In the United Kingdom there is a scheme called "Exercise on prescription" in which doctors are able to prescribe exercise to those with conditions that benefit from it, such as asthma, depression or obesity.

The initiative particularly aimed to lower the rate of heart disease.

National standards for such initiatives from doctors were established by the Department of Health in 2001.

Exercise on prescription aims to prevent deterioration of conditions, and views exercise as a preventative health measure.

Fitness classes or a course at the local gym are available on prescription at a reduced rate to people who might benefit from them.

It aims to make it easier for people to follow their doctors' advice about taking more exercise or losing weight.[1]

Such preventative measures hope to lead to savings for the National Health Service.[2]

Researchers in New Zealand have also discussed the benefits of exercise referral by medical practitioners there.[3]

In New Zealand it is known as a green prescription, while in the United States a similar initiative is known as Exercise is Medicine.

Exercise Program Development

Exercise prescription is designed to modulate acute exercise programming variables to create the adaptations desired by the individual or sport.

With aerobic exercise prescription, the type of exercise, duration of exercise, frequency, and duration is adjusted.

For resistance exercise prescription, the type of exercise, total session volume, rest period, frequency, and intensity are determined. [4]

Prescription of stretching and other activities is also commonly seen.

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