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Grande Prairie's #1 Choice for Tanning, Fitness and Skin Care

Welcome to Suncapsule Tan 'N Fitness Centre located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. We offer tanning, skin care and aesthetics services as well as clinical treatments and spa packages.

Please browse through our wide range of services and contact us with your questions or to book an appointment.

Our services are appropriate for both male and female clientele.

Our Vision

Suncapsule is dedicated to treating you to the finest services and products available. Our impeccable standards and extensive training provides the outstanding service that has become the signature of the Suncapsule Tan n’ Fitness Centre.

In selecting staff, the single most important personality trait we look for is a genuine desire to make other people feel good. Genuine hospitality and value being offered to you is our true measure of service. Enjoy.


We bring to women and men of all ages this selection of high performance products based on a bio-fundamental complex carefully formulated from marine animal life, well known for amino acids and their high concentration in proteins.

The complex acts on four essential functions of the skin; hydration, stimulation, regeneration and nutrition. It helps to promote the skin repairing process. Your skin will look youthful and radiant.


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