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How to ask questions - the "smart" way

It seems such a simple thing, really, and yet people have a lot of issues trying to ask questions on the forum that get a quick effective response.

Some time ago I found a very good general guide to how people can improve the way they ask their questions.

Please see
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Even though many people seem to encounter the same kinds of issues, people should remember that everyone's website is different. Everyone has configured Kunena differently and everyone has their own, different versions of Joomla, of Kunena, and a unique blend of Joomla extensions. Just because you might think that your problems are intuitive - or that we know exactly what you are talking about - you can save yourself a lot of time if you pay attention to a few simple guidelines:

Choose carefully the category where you are going to post your question. Read the category description and make sure you follow the guiding principles for that category. If you have a "how do I do this" question, then it belongs in the Common Questions category.
Search the forum first. Look at the sticky posts in the category. Look at what other people have posted before to get an idea of the questions they ask and the questions that we ask in reply.
Use the Kunena configuration report generator. If you don't know how to do this, search for it.
Learn to use the Wiki
Please choose wisely the topic subject. Topics like "HELP" (all capitals) or "Can I do this?" are less likely to get a quick response because other people may not be interested. This is a self-help forum; everyone wants "help" - sometimes we do, too - so it makes a lot of sense if you put something meaningful in the subject topic.
If you get an error message, search for the text of the error message. There's a good chance that your question has been asked and answered before. If the question has not been asked before, then please put the important part of the error message text as the topic subject.
Please try to help other people, too, who may also have an interest in your question. Please help us, too, to keep the forum working efficiently and effectively for everyone.
Avoid topic hijacking. If you have exactly the same problem that someone else has had (and the solution works for them) then use the solution. If that solution does not work, resist the temptation to write "I have the same problem ..."
A picture says a thousand words. We understand that, for many members of the community, English may not be your native language. In these cases, it's sometimes easier to illustrate your problem with a picture.
Please be patient. The people who help here on the forums do so voluntarily. If someone gives you good advice, please remember to tell them (let us know if your problem has been fixed) and thank them for their time and interest in you and your problems.

Common-sense, perhaps, but I hope a few of these pointers help you to help us to help you better.
Source: How to ask questions - the "smart" way

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