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  Link   Tons Of Tasty Tomatoes
Tons of tomatoes, and over 70 different varieties are represented at this tomato fest. These farm fresh tomatoes have ... character, beauty, and yes, even charm.
  Link   Local Food Sells - Tourism
  Link   Local Foods Partnership
  Link   SustainaBundy - The challenges of local food with Chef Nic
  Link   Organic Food - Pay More?
  Link   Farmer Don: In His Own Words
  Link   Connecting With Local Food
Awesome video! Get kids to help out--for them to see the plant then later to see this food how food comes from the earth--not just from a box/bag/can. Get kids involved in the production of the meals, or in this case gathering of the groceries, and
  Link   The Vision: A Sustainable Restaurant
Creating a restaurant from the ground up is an ambitious endeavor in itself. To base the theme of ... such a restaurant around locally produced food, good land stewardship, and preserving social tastes is even more grand. Stu Stein, owner of Terroir
  Link   A New Family Farmer
5 million family farms have been lost since the 1930's, and most of the surviving farms are not small ... family operations. As the population of family farmers continues to age, there is a critical shortage of young farmers to take their place. Mich
  Link   Cooking Up A Story: Raised On Grass: Pasture Fed Animals
New to the life of farming, a middle-aged couple make a career change from a professional life in Silicon ... Valley to commercially raising pasture fed animals on their newly purchased farm in Oregon. First mentoring under Joel Salatin, they now rai
  Link   Farmcast: Smart Growth Meets Smart Food Local Food Tour 2008
  Link   Beyond the Bar Code: The Local Food Revolution
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