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Sexsmith Senior Soccer
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Grande Prairie,com_uhp2/Itemid,61/task,viewpage/user_id,216/pageid,944/
Created On: 12/21/2010 15:35:16
Edited By Twisted Legs On: 12/21/2010 15:43:43

Have played any soccer lately?
Feedback from 100mile: Not again until after Christmas.

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Created On: 08/28/2011 03:35:27

First Edition

Created On: 06/26/2011 00:36:46
The first edition of Neighbor Newsflash is ready for sneak preview.
Check it out!

Flash and Cash Offer Logo

Created On: 06/24/2011 03:03:07
Edited By 100mile On: 06/24/2011 03:09:19
Introducing the new logo for "fLASH and CASH" offers at

[imgimages/stories/logoandart/flash_and_cash_logo.pngWhenever you see the above logo on a 100 Mile Mall offer, to redeem its value, you only need to show the offer to the participating vendor. The logo brings instant recognition, to both the consumer and vendor, that the offer can be reused until expiry date and not necessarily printed off.

Advatages of the Flash and Cash offer program

No holding up checkout lanes.
No down side to a coupon that limits you to only using it once.
No fine print on the coupon, which makes you feel like you need a lawyer .
Use less resources, paper, ink and such.
Neighbor Newsflash printed offers, show them and reuse, pass them on.
Neighbor Newsflash mobile offers only need to be shown.
User friendly design.
Help your neighbor and pass offer on to them.
Flash and Cash Blog

New Rates Sheets

Created On: 06/22/2011 16:21:00
New Rate Sheets.
Get a Quote Instanly

The new rate sheets are ready. You can either use it as a Quote, Work Order or an Invoice.
Very easy to Use.
    Please contact us and a 100 Mile Mall representative will be pleased to help you.
    Select which Product Modules you are interested in.
    Select the Action tab.
    Choose what type of Action is being performed, a Quote, Work Order or Invoice. This is a REQUIRED field.
    Fill out Client Contact information.
    Go to modules you are "Interested In" and make appropriate selections.
    Review your selections with a 100 Mile Mall representative.
    Submit or print, quote, work order or invoice.
    You will be promoted to fill in verification code to ensure you are a human.

Check it out

New Business Cards

Created On: 06/18/2011 00:39:52
New Business Cards

I finally got around to getting some professional buiness cards made. Roger's crew over at The Print Shop in Grande Prairie did a helluva a job. Take a look.

Rate Sheet also completed today

read more

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02/20/2011 21:13:30Superfoods 2
02/20/2011 17:44:56Tomato Strawberry Orange
02/20/2011 04:21:28Restart the Exercisie Habit
02/20/2011 04:17:22Healthy Heart Exercise 3
02/20/2011 04:15:01Healthy Heart Exercise 2
02/20/2011 03:57:00Healthy Heart Exercise
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02/20/2011 03:52:18Increasing jumping abilities
02/20/2011 03:50:11Scoliosis physical therapy
02/20/2011 03:48:19Hypertension can be Relieved
02/20/2011 03:45:21Causes of lower back pain
02/20/2011 03:39:12Grumpy, Lumpy, Men Syndrome
02/20/2011 03:35:42Menís Longevity
02/20/2011 03:32:36Maintain Close Relationships
02/20/2011 03:30:48Risk of Prostate Cancer
02/20/2011 03:27:59Protect Your Prostate
02/20/2011 03:24:35Drink Alcohol Only in Moderation
02/20/2011 03:22:22Maintain Your Optimal Weight
02/20/2011 03:20:03Include Weight Training
02/20/2011 03:16:30Dangerous Trans Fats
02/20/2011 02:48:22Feel the Burn
02/20/2011 02:42:20Eliminate White Foods
02/19/2011 18:55:23Read a Material Safety Data Sheet
02/19/2011 18:51:42Get Your Heating Ducts Cleaned?
02/19/2011 18:49:07Your Septic System
02/19/2011 18:46:02Your Furnace Filter
02/19/2011 18:40:18Soot Staining on Carpets
02/19/2011 18:37:26Removing Ice on Roofs
02/19/2011 18:34:07Painting: Walls, Ceilings and Floors
02/19/2011 18:23:26Maintaining Your Heat Recovery Ventilator
02/19/2011 18:17:16Home Maintenance Schedule
02/19/2011 18:14:31Avoiding Basement Flooding
02/19/2011 17:54:56Attic Venting, Attic Moisture
02/19/2011 17:45:38Worksheets
02/19/2011 17:39:37Words to Know
02/19/2011 16:46:33Now You are a Homeowner
02/19/2011 16:39:43The Buying Process
02/19/2011 16:32:09Which Home is Right for You
02/19/2011 16:20:49Finacially Ready
02/19/2011 15:52:45Homeownership Right for you
02/19/2011 14:29:24Importance of Home Inspection
02/15/2011 23:41:55Local Shopping Coming Back
02/15/2011 14:03:19Profile Help
01/06/2011 14:29:32Local Advantages
01/06/2011 14:28:46Holiday Shopping Tour
01/06/2011 14:27:54100 Mile Mall
01/04/2011 17:26:00100 Mile Mall Slideshow
01/02/2011 15:26:33Shop Local Holiday Shopping Tour
12/28/2010 18:47:26100 Mile Mall Website Design
12/17/2010 13:37:05Superfoods 1
12/16/2010 16:41:02Price the Children Pay
12/16/2010 00:37:22Young Movement
04/20/2009 20:59:59Features and Benefits
04/19/2009 12:43:25Go Social | Go Local | Go Connect
04/17/2009 19:40:58Alberta Organic Producers - March
04/17/2009 19:40:58Alberta Organic Producers - April
04/04/2009 15:23:49Demand for local products on the rise
04/04/2009 03:51:1829 Healthiest Foods
03/31/2009 05:23:53Web 2.0 Advertising
03/30/2009 18:06:52GP Ink
03/19/2009 16:17:13Children to die younger than parents
02/03/2009 17:59:28Local Food Day - Wednesdays
01/06/2009 18:43:43Specials & Flyers
01/06/2009 17:02:10Member's Discount
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12/13/2008 07:46:13What is a Social Networking Profile ?
12/10/2008 18:18:42Garden Plots
12/08/2008 23:22:32Happiness Is Contagious
12/08/2008 19:06:00L.I.F.E.
12/02/2008 21:00:12Approve Pages - How to
12/02/2008 20:55:10Manage Pages - How to
12/02/2008 20:52:02Create Pages - How to
12/02/2008 20:44:57Website Settings - How to
12/02/2008 18:54:36My own Website - How do I setup and use ?
12/02/2008 18:49:06My Profile - How do I use and set up ?
12/02/2008 18:47:17Search - How do I ?
12/02/2008 18:46:08Discussion or a Forum - How do I use ?
12/02/2008 18:42:40Events Calendar - What is it & How do I use it ?
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12/01/2008 23:02:04Different date experience with your spouse or someone special - Want a new?
12/01/2008 22:29:02Are you interested in Farm tours and tourism ?
12/01/2008 22:21:43Are you a Local Home Hardware Garden Supply company ?
12/01/2008 22:13:46Are you interested in startng your own business ?
12/01/2008 22:10:00Are you a Retailer or Wholesaler?
12/01/2008 22:07:09Are you in the Food Service Industry ?
12/01/2008 22:04:52Are you a Farmers Market ?
12/01/2008 22:00:47Are you a Food Vendor ?
12/01/2008 21:57:37Are you a Consumer ?
12/01/2008 21:53:09100 Mile Mall - who is this site for?


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I like to do a lot of things, but my favorite are soccer and building this website. The fresh country air and space are a must.
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  • 100 Mile Mall is a resource to connect Consumers and Commercial vendors, within their own neighborhood
  • Your "Mall" - the radius distance, from point of purchase to point of consumption .......can be set to any distance you prefer.
  • In a remote area you may need a larger area to "to build your Mall" due to sparse population.
  • However, in a more populated area you may want to set your search criteria for shorter distances than 100 Miles.
  • If you want a 25 Mile Mall, or any distance, that is entirely up to the client.
  • Or search by City, Postal Code or ANY data field you fill in.
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780 512 7109
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Created On: 02/20/2012 18:55:35

Welcome to the neighborhood, Dee Jay Grande Prairie.

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Created On: 07/12/2011 14:10:57

Thank You

Created On: 07/06/2011 16:37:44

WOW, Thank you to 100 Mile Mall, I am getting around the net in so many ways. Socially connecting, blogging. Didn't know it was so simple. I could have been doing this ages ago. Thanks so much.

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Created On: 06/24/2011 14:17:29
Edited By SmartJava On: 06/24/2011 14:20:03

Thank you for suggesting Wordpress to me. I never realized the value in blogging until now. Wordpress makes it so easy. Connectability between 100 Mile Mall, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites is fantastic.
Again, I am very grateful for your guidance to a newby like me.

Thank you so much.

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Created On: 06/18/2011 03:03:38
Edited By 100mile On: 06/18/2011 03:05:56

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Created: Tuesday, 06 September 2011


100 Mile Mall Tablet Bonus
Created: Wednesday, 09 February 2011

tablet promotion.png
*To be eligible for the Free Tablet, $650.00 value, you must also take out a service plan.

Free Social Profile
Created: Saturday, 25 June 2011

flash and cash
Benefits of a Social Community Profile   FREE!

Direct Contact, Meet the Neighbors - stay connect with your neighbors and meet new ones.  Pass tips and information between yourselves.
Branding - creates a sense of trust amongst the participants and helps in building strong relationships..
Business Relations - convert leads effectively. Social Profiles are very low cost, many times effective than conventional sources of media and much easier.  Address various queries and issues to help larger audience make their decisions fast and effective.
With these benefits, one can never deny the importance of such Social Profiles. If you are looking for such kind of benefits, probably what you need is an exposure through a Social Profile.

Register Today,

for your Free
Social Community Profile and start connecting with your Neighbors, receive and pass on helpful tips and information. Wembley, Alberta    780-228-6994  Lifetime


Sale Sample
Created: Wednesday, 07 September 2011



PIAA Blades
Created: Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Flyer Sample
Created: Wednesday, 07 September 2011


New Online Newspaper Opportunity
Created: Sunday, 03 July 2011

"Brand New Online Newspaper in Grande Prairie, Alberta is getting ready to launch."

the Grande Prairie Neighbor


Welcome back to your Neighborhood.

Keeping Local news and advertising alive can be a daunting task these days, however, thanks to and Neighbors Newsflash, this is no longer true.

There is not enough traffic to local vendors and news sites,  due to journalists hierarchy of news reporting. The pyramid of news predictably ends at the head of government.

We  turn the pyramid of news upside down, so that the primary postings are to local news and the town hall meeting. We cover all the neighborhood news that others do not want too.

Neighbor Newsflash supports local vendors with targeted neighborhood and local advertising. Locally-targeted ads deliver stronger return on investment, helping to keep neighborhood programs and events alive, We all do not want to watch TV, all the time.

Some of our Promotional Features

FREE!! Classied Ads

  • FREE!! Classified Ads for Registered Members of
  • Post your ad in your local neighborhood listing, in full color and add an image.
  • Promote your classified ad by either emailing to prospects or printing off as a flyer for the neighborhood.
  • All we ask in return, is be a "good neighbor", support your local 100 Mile Mall vendor and post comments on their Blogs.
  • At the bottom of your classified ad you may place which 100 Mile Mall vendor you support

Flash and Cash Coupons




Hockey Goalie Getting Noticed
Created: Friday, 09 September 2011

 Hockey Goalie Getting Noticed


I am a goalie 17 years old. nova scotia Canada. I'm playing midget AA right now.. ( i got invited to major midget tryouts last year but i was injured couldn't go also i was named starting goalie of my high school team but two people bailed and we didn't have a team.. and at midget AAA tryouts I was first cut even though i only got scored on once in the inter squad game and they got scored on 3 times. They were also the same goalies i beat out in high school try outs. ) Right now i have played 7 games and have got 5 shutouts. I trained with Joe Johnson of 1 to 1 goaltending and I've trained with Pat Dallaire (former Q goalie coach). Also all the goalies i was grouped with over the summer are playing major midget the QMJHL or AAA. so this is my last year and i don't know where the best place is to go next. Or get noticed.
My goal is to play at the next level and try to go pro. I Spend at least 3-5 hours a day just thinking about goaltending or practicing. unfortunately my financial situation wasn't so good two years ago and i could only tryout last year and this year for my entire career so far.

These are my questions;

#1 - How do you get people to see you? and how do you make them like you?
#2 - Where is the best place for me to go next? and what will i have to do to get there?
#3 - will coaches even give me a shot if i tryout and there is a AAA guy and a major midget guy there too?
#4 - If i have better stats than another goalie who played AAA will they look at that or will they push me away because i played AA?
#5 - i heard people send recruiting videos? like i seen some on youtube would it be a good idea to make one? but who do i send it to?

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my question it means a lot I've asked people around here and they couldn't give me an answer.

I'm willing to go anywhere too. Even if it means going to a different province or the states. 



Hockey Goalie Warmup
Created: Friday, 09 September 2011

 Hockey Goalie Warmup

Warmup is Not...

  • blocking practice
  • shooting practice
  • poaching your goalie
  • impressing your goalie with how hard you can shoot

Warmup is...

  • loosening up the muscles and joints
  • connecting & exercising the control circuits
  • reviewing the movements
  • starts out slowly & cool; gets faster & hotter

Warmup Philosophy

He's your goalie; it's up to you to help him get into his groove for the game. Goals you score on him during the warm-up do not count. If you want to practice, you should practice on a warmed-up goalie.

Specific Pointers

  • Make sure the referee has finished checking the net! Nothing pisses off a referee like shooting pucks at him before the game. And nothing pissed off your goalie like having to apologize for you shooting on the ref.)
  • Line up in an arc centered on the goalie. Take turns shooting. Only one person should shoot at a time. During the game, there’s only ever one puck on the ice. Your goalie doesn’t ever have to track more than one puck.
  • Look before you shoot; make sure your goalie has your attention. When the goalie looks at you, take your shot. If you want to skate at the puck, go ahead, but once you’ve taken your shot, make sure that your path takes you away from the next shooter’s line. If you get between the next shooter and the goalie, you’re wasting both people’s time.
  • If you need to practice your shot, then shoot at the boards; don’t waste your goalie’s time with shots that go all over the place.
  • Some players get all disappointed when their first blistering slap shots go right into the net. The goalie may not be warmed up, but he can tell by your slouch that you were not impressed by the way those shots went right into the net.
  • On the other hand, some players cheer for themselves every time they get a goal during the warmup … and get all disappointed when their goalie finally warms up and starts making saves.

read more

Compliments of Melaleuca Edmonton


Event Sample
Created: Wednesday, 07 September 2011


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